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Year 3 Volcano Movie

Here it is! Year 3’s Volcano Movie!

Everyone from Year 3 was involved in the creation of this movie although not all were seen on screen. Some we’re involved in creating the animation of the erupting volcano, some were involved in scripting the movie’s in depth volcano information and some were involved in the technical aspects of making the film.

Whatever their involvement they all worked together to create the film and here it is!

2EJ Volcano Poem

2EJ have been writing acrostic poems about volcanoes this half term. Linking with the production of our film, we decided to use our recording skills to produce a video showing our fabulous performances of the poems.

The children used a green screen background to record on so we could add the background later. Other roles the children fulfilled were sound monitor, equipment tester, camera operator and auto cue operator.

Hope you enjoy !