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Digital Leaders – Technology Trip

The Digital Leaders went to visit the National Museum of Science and Media in Bradford.  Our aim was to discover more about technology used outside of school.  We had a brilliant time investigating, researching and enjoying the fantastic exhibitions and galleries at the museum.

Our day began with a look through the Kodak Gallery, finding out about the origins and developments in photography and cameras.  We’ve realised we’re very lucky that photos and images are so easy to take and share with others today, when compared to the efforts needed to take and develop images many years ago.

The Television exhibition gave us an insight into how TV can be used to share important and life-changing events across the world, but also how adverts can used to to influence and persuade us.  It was great to see some of the most iconic and most-viewed moments from British television.  We also found out lots about animations and how they were made.  We got to play with zoetropes and have a go at our very own stop motion animation.

We then went to watch an amazing 3D documentary about the International Space Station. It was made all the more realistic and exciting by being on the huge IMAX cinema screen.  We learned about the technology and science which helps to keep the remarkable craft in orbit around earth.  We were ducking and diving in our seats as some the 3D special effects seemed to be happening right in front of our faces.

The afternoon was a huge hit for all the children as we explored three huge interactive areas.  The first, Wonderlab, was full of amazing hands-on science experiments which sparked our imaginations and curiosity.  We found out lots about, sound waves, speed, heat and light, shadows and reflections. It was so much fun!

The magic factory also played with our minds, with some weird and wonderful tricks of the eye.  It made us think about how we see the world around us and how our viewpoint can be distorted and become very different from others.

The final room, The Games Lounge, allowed us to play on a huge variety of computer games; right through from Pong, to the very latest arcade games. We had a great time battling each other and working out who was the best Gamer in the group!  Overall, the day was an unforgettable experience to share together!


Science Week in 1DJ

Science week began with an investigation into Weather and Wind.  We had some terrible weather on Monday evening and the children wanted to learn more about why.  We started off by assessing the damage done to the trees in the KS1 playground and then we watched the BBC Weather forecast to see if it would get much better.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 22.45.12 We learned a lot about temperatures, UK geography, rain and wind, but we wanted to know more!  We began our research into wind directions and how we measure which way the wind is coming from.

The children were set a challenge to monitor the weather for the week and record which direction the wind was coming from, on the school field.

The children learned how to make weather vanes and what they would tell us about the wind and possibly the weather too.  We needed to know lots about compass directions so that we could set our weather vane up correctly.

Here are the children using their weather vanes for the first time.  If you want to know more about the wind and weather, please come and have a look at our Wind Roses.  A special type of chart used to monitor wind direction.

Paper Planes 

We also created some amazing paper planes for a competition.  The children loved making them, practising their folding techniques and making them fly as far as possible.  We used a great website to gather different ideas and designs in order to make the bast possible plane.

Plant Growth

Our third investigation for the week focussed on whether plants needed soil in order to grow.  The children devised their own fair test to see if Sunflowers would grow in gravel and sand.  Keep an eye out for the updates coming up over the next few weeks.


Making Paper

You can also see the results of our paper making investigation, where we tried to produce paper good enough to write on.   We used grass and plastic as well as some torn up old paper, with glue and water to produce a pulp.  The pulp was rolled out and dried on a mesh frame.  Eventually we were able to try and write on it with a selection of pens, pencils and felt tips.  The pictures of our paper are towards the end of the video.


1DJ Minibeast Hotel Rooms

This week the children in 1DJ have been finding out all about minibeast habitats.  The learning has covered some of our science, topic and english sessions and has been lots of fun.

First we wrote a letter to a minibeast to tell them what we already knew about them and ask the some questions we’d like to know the answers to.  We then researched the habitats and life of the minibeast and wrote a letter back to ourselves answering lots of the questions.

We then used this information to design the perfect hotel room for the bug, thinking carefully about its needs for shelter, food, temperature, light/dark and perhaps a bit of entertainment during its stay.

The children then wrote a shopping list, ready for a trip to Bugkea, detailing all of the things needed for the hotel room and why they had chosen to include them.  We then had lots of fun actually creating the room using all sorts of different resources.  We are very happy with the finished hotel and think that the bugs would love to stay there on holiday!

Superhero Sandwiches

The Year 2 children in 1DJ had a fantastic time creating some healthy sandwiches fit for a superhero.  They researched the main food groups and tried their best to make a balanced and healthy snack using a range of ingredients.  As you can see they were very tasty and we were really proud of the children who tried some healthy, new foods!!!


2EJ Lava Lamp Experiment

This week 2EJ had the opportunity to develop their understanding of volcanoes when they had the chance to enter the Science dome. Starting the week off with this fantastic experience excited the children and we continued to explore the theme of volcanoes and lava.

Today we carried out an experiment which involved us creating lava lamps. The children were given all of the equipment they would need and were asked to make predictions before starting.

What we did:
The children began by filling a 2 litre bottle 1/4 full with water. They then filled the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil. After this they uses a pipette to drop (exactly) 20 drops of red or yellow food colouring into the bottle. Next comes the exciting bit, dropping an Alka-Seltzer in and sitting back to enjoy the show!

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this experiment and a lucky few got to take the lava lamps home!