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1DJ Minibeast Hotel Rooms

This week the children in 1DJ have been finding out all about minibeast habitats.  The learning has covered some of our science, topic and english sessions and has been lots of fun.

First we wrote a letter to a minibeast to tell them what we already knew about them and ask the some questions we’d like to know the answers to.  We then researched the habitats and life of the minibeast and wrote a letter back to ourselves answering lots of the questions.

We then used this information to design the perfect hotel room for the bug, thinking carefully about its needs for shelter, food, temperature, light/dark and perhaps a bit of entertainment during its stay.

The children then wrote a shopping list, ready for a trip to Bugkea, detailing all of the things needed for the hotel room and why they had chosen to include them.  We then had lots of fun actually creating the room using all sorts of different resources.  We are very happy with the finished hotel and think that the bugs would love to stay there on holiday!