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2EJ Lava Lamp Experiment

This week 2EJ had the opportunity to develop their understanding of volcanoes when they had the chanceĀ to enter the Science dome. Starting the week off with this fantastic experience excited the children and we continued to explore the theme of volcanoes and lava.

Today we carried out an experiment which involved us creating lava lamps. The children were given all of the equipment they would need and were asked to make predictions before starting.

What we did:
The children began by filling a 2 litre bottle 1/4 full with water. They then filled the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil. After this they uses a pipette to drop (exactly) 20 drops of red or yellow food colouring into the bottle. Next comes the exciting bit, dropping an Alka-SeltzerĀ in and sitting back to enjoy the show!

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this experiment and a lucky few got to take the lava lamps home!