Smoking Policy

Middlesbrough is working towards becoming a smoke free community where no employee or member of the public is involuntarily exposed to second hand smoke.

The Health Act 2006 introduced legislation to make all enclosed workplaces and public places smoke free from 1 July 2007. This policy enhances this legislation.

Second hand smoking, breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke, has been shown to cause cancers, heart and breathing difficulties in non-smokers. Newham Bridge acknowledges that second hand tobacco smoke is both, a public and work place health hazard and has therefore adopted this no smoking policy.
Newham Bridge is in an ideal position to influence the health of the community we serve. Our ethos combined with our smoking education programme and the messages given about tobacco have key roles to play in reducing smoking amongst young people, staff and visitors.

Aims of the Policy

The policy seeks to:

  • Guarantee a healthy working environment and protect the current and future health of employees, members and visitors.
  • Guarantee the right of non-smokers to breathe in air free from tobacco smoke.
  • To comply with Health & Safety Legislation and Employment Law.
  • Raise awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Take account of the needs of those who smoke and to support those who wish to stop.
  • Support the health and well-being of our young people through an education that enables them to make informed choice.

Restrictions on Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the premises, entrances (this means school door and school gate) or grounds at any time, by any person regardless of their status or business with Newham Bridge

Smoking will not be tolerated at entrances and exits and is not permitted in any of the following areas: offices, corridors, stairways or wells, toilets, meeting or staff rooms, reception or waiting areas, classrooms, kitchens and outbuildings.

Smoking is not permitted by anyone accompanying pupils on school outings.

Exception: Where a caretaker’s home is located on school grounds, smoking is permitted by the caretaker, family and friends either indoors or in the garden areas. However, it must be noted that staff and pupils must not view the caretaker’s home as designated smoking area on school premises.


All visitors, contractors and deliverers are required to abide by the no smoking policy. Staff members are expected to inform customers or visitors of the no smoking policy. However they are not expected to enter into any confrontation, which may put their personal safety at risk.


Smoking is not permitted in vehicles or any vehicles being used on school business.

Support for smokers

For those who smoke, information with regard to local NHS Stop Smoking Services, local cessation services and the National Don’t Give Up Giving Up free-phone number (0800 169 0169) are available.


Identified training will be supported for all staff as part of their professional development.


A whole school approach will be used when developing and reviewing this policy.
Newham Bridge will ensure that adequate signage is displayed and maintained.
Tobacco will be dealt with in the same way as any other drug therefore the Incident Management procedures, as detailed in our Drug Education Policy, will be followed, ensuring staff and pupils who breach this policy are disciplined appropriately.

Monitoring and Reviewing

Changes to legislation and guidance will be considered as part of the review process. This policy will be reviewed in line with the school review cycle to ensure that it continues to meet the aims.