Pastoral Policy


We will not give medication to children except in certain circumstances. These may be:-

  • Where the child requires life saving medication e.g. asthma, diabetes etc.
  • Prescribed medication from the doctor if it is absolutely necessary.

If it is essential that your child receive medication we ask that you carry out the following procedures:-
complete the appropriate form (available from office)
clearly label all medication with:

  1. your child’s name
  2. your doctor’s name
  3. type of medicine
  4. dosage and time of medicine

The school reserves the right to refuse to administer medicines if necessary.

Head Lice

Cases of head lice sometimes occur amongst children. The discovery of one case in the school indicates that there must be others because lice cannot live on just one head.

There is no need to panic; treatment is simple and effective.

The way you can help:

  • Comb your child’s hair thoroughly twice a day, particularly before 
bedtime. This injures any lice that may have transferred to his or her head during the day, and once injured a louse always dies
  • Inspect your child’s head regularly, at least once a week. Look for the white eggs (often called nits), because they are easier to find than lice.
  • If you find your child has lice you should treat the whole family with Prioderm lotion which is available from your chemist, or can be obtained from your Health Service Clinic or School Nurse.