Fire Policy

This fire procedure policy outlines the procedures at Newham Bridge Primary School for:

  • Fire tests and checks
  • Staff and pupil training
  • Evacuation procedures

Its contents should be drawn to the attention of new members of staff.


Supervisor of evacuation/evaluation of procedures – Head teacher.

Sweep of building – Head teacher, school clerk, caretaker and any other non-teaching staff available.

Distribution of registers, accounting for visitors – school clerk

Roll call – teachers

Return of registers – collected by school clerk

Fire Tests and Checks


  • Exits and routes to remain unobstructed (on arrival)
  • exit doors Unlocked (on arrival)
Electrical equipment not in use either disconnected or switched off (on leaving)
  • Exit and windows adequately secured (on leaving)
All fire doors closed (on leaving)
  • Check door closers all in order

These checks are the responsibility of the caretaker.


  • Test fire alarm systems (record in caretaker’s log)
  • one alarm each week on a rota.


  • Check extinguishers are in the correct place and in appropriate order (responsibility of caretaker)
  • Check emergency lighting (fire log book)


  • Fire drill (head teacher) – on occasions this will include lunchtime evacuation and/or removal of an escape route to check that procedures work effectively. (logged in fire log book)


  • Fire alarm system (cyclic maintenance)
  • Emergency lighting system (cyclic maintenance)
  • Fire extinguishers (cyclic maintenance)
Fire instruction for staff (head teacher to organise and record in fire log book)

Staff and Pupil Training

During the first day of school all class teachers should explain to children what the procedure is should the fire bell sound. This should include information about:

  • Fire exit to be used
  • Assembly point
  • Action on discovering a fire
  • Keeping gangways clear

Attached to this policy is a plan of the school showing where the fire extinguishers and alarms are located.

Means of escape is the nearest available exit.

Assembly point standing in registration groups, in the playground away from the building. Where children have been in sets or working in other groups, they should return to their registration group for roll call.

Reporting registers will be taken out on to the playground by the school clerk and distributed to teachers. Once the register has been checked teachers should inform the Head Teacher or nominated Deputy that the children are present.

Visitors will be accounted for by the school clerk through checking the signing in book.

Evacuation Procedure

All Fire Alarm activation will be treated as real until the all clear has been given by the Head Teacher of the Fire Brigade.
When the fire alarm sounds all children and adults must stop what they are doing and walk out of the building through the nearest exit.

Staff in each area will check all toilets and cloakrooms whilst children are led to their registration groups outside. The last person to leave an area must make sure that the door is closed behind them.

Children in the Hall at the time of the alarm will evacuate through the nearest available exit and proceed to the assembly point where they will line up in registration groups.

The Head Teacher or responsible person will check the fire panel to identify the location of the activation.

The Head Teacher (or nominated Deputy) will raise the alarm by calling the Fire Brigade.

The Head Teacher and clerk will sweep the toilets as they evacuate before going to the assembly point, to check that pupils, staff and visitors are accounted for.

In the case of alarm activation when the Head Teacher or caretaker are off site; nominated deputies will undertake the above duties.

Lunch-Time Alarm Activation

All children in the hall and playground will be escorted to registration groups by supervisory staff. Staff should check toilets and other areas prior to evacuating the building.
All available teaching staff on-site should join their registration groups on the playgrounds, taking registers with them.

The Head Teacher, clerk, caretaker and any other non-teacher staff available will check their designated areas for children and fire as they evacuate. The registers will be checked and the results of the registration reported to the Head Teacher.

The caretaker or Head will reset fire alarms as soon as possible following activation.