Assessment Policy

Assessment and the analysis of data is a fundamental process within education which, if used correctly, can inform, guide and motivate.  It is essential that the data collated within school is used purposefully and strategically in order to turn those raw statistics into ‘insight’ which will have a direct effect upon raising standards within teaching and learning. Leaders are mindful that new assessment systems need to be purposeful and not produce unnecessary workload for teaching staff and must be able to be communicated effectively to parents.

Assessment must be concerned with the systematic observation of the whole child in all aspects of his/her education.  Consequently it is an integral part of teaching and learning in our school and therefore is at the centre of our ethos.  In effect, by observing children in all aspects of their school life we learn to understand them more fully.  It is through the process of understanding that we can effectively meet the needs of our children and help them to achieve to their fullest potential.

Please read the schools Assessment Policy for more information: Assessment Policy