Information for OFSTED

Please use this page as a quick way to find all the required online publications.

School Contact Details

Please find the school’s details on our Contact page.

Admission Arrangements

Please read our school’s admissions arrangements in our Admissions Policy.


Please read our most recent OFSTED report here.
You can view the report on the OFSTED website here.

Exam and Assessment Results

Please view our Key Stage 2 assessment results here.

Performance Tables

Please view our school on the Government School Performance website  here.


Please view information about our school’s curriculum, KS1 phonics and reading schemes along with a link to the Cornerstones Curriculum on our Curriculum page.


Please view the shool’s Behaviour Poilicy.

School Complaints Procedure

Please view the school’s complaints procedures in the Complaints Policy.

Any complaints to school’s must be submitted by completing and returning our Complaints Form.

Pupil Premium

Please use the links below to find out about our:

PE and Sports Premium Funding

Please view our school’s Sports Funding.

SEN and Disability Information

Please view our SEND Policy.

Equality Objectives

Please view our Equality Objectives Policy.

Governors’ Information and Duties

Please use the links below to find out about our:

Charging and Remissions Policy

Please view our Charges and Remissions Policy.

Values and Ethos

Please view the Welcome to Newham Bridge message on our Home Page

Request for Paper Copies

If you require a paper copy of any of the information found on this website, please ask at the office. There is no charge for this.