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Author visit


Get ready for a fantastic visit from the wonderful authors Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore. They will be visiting school on Tuesday 1st July and working with children from Reception to Year 6. Don’t forget after school they will be officially opening our amazing new school library and signing books for those who wish to purchase one. Prices of books are £5. But hurry, once they’re gone they’re gone!




2EJ Lava Lamp Experiment

This week 2EJ had the opportunity to develop their understanding of volcanoes when they had the chance to enter the Science dome. Starting the week off with this fantastic experience excited the children and we continued to explore the theme of volcanoes and lava.

Today we carried out an experiment which involved us creating lava lamps. The children were given all of the equipment they would need and were asked to make predictions before starting.

What we did:
The children began by filling a 2 litre bottle 1/4 full with water. They then filled the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil. After this they uses a pipette to drop (exactly) 20 drops of red or yellow food colouring into the bottle. Next comes the exciting bit, dropping an Alka-Seltzer in and sitting back to enjoy the show!

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this experiment and a lucky few got to take the lava lamps home!

Diary Dates for January to April 2014

As 2013 draws to a close Newham Bridge would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And speaking of the new year, we’ve just published a whole host of dates for the diary over on our Events page.

Head over there now and see what’s coming up in the new year. Be sure to keep checking back as more details are confirmed for existing events and new events are added.


Lower Key Stage 2 Christingle Service

On Tuesday 17th December Lower Key Stage 2 held their annual Christingle Service as St Chads Church. The children told the real story of Christmas, presented an acrostic poem, explained the meaning of the Christingle and sang hymns. The whole event was enjoyed with family and friends, including members from St Chads congregation. The children and staff would like to thank Mrs Dean and St Chads Church for allowing us to hold this Christmas celebration.
Read on for photographs from this year’s Christingle

Christmas Album 2013

You may remember a few weeks ago we asked you take part in a survey on behalf of the children in Year 6. As part of an ICT project the children devised this survey featuring questions, the answers to which would help us make a great Christmas album! We took the results, enter the data into spreadsheets and used them to inform decisions about the album such as number of tracks to include, how many CD’s we could sell and the price at which to sell them.

Following all of that number crunching… Newham Bridge Primary School are proud to announce the first ever release of a Christmas album performed entirely by the children of Newham Bridge. The Newham Bridge Christmas Album 2013.

The album features 12 tracks all performed by the children of Newham Bridge school. Several tracks are performed exclusively by the Newham Bridge Choir and some tracks even include the whole school. There’s even one or two tracks on the album sung by the children of Year 6.

The album is available now from the Office and costs just £3. That’s just £0.25 per track. That’s cheaper than iTunes!

This album is a limited release and you’ve only got three days left to buy it. When they’re gone they’re gone!

So what are you waiting for?  Take your £3 to the Office and ask Mrs Rathbone very politely for your copy of The Newham Bridge Christmas Album 2013.

Can you hear your voice on any of the tracks?

Christmas Cuddly Toys

It’s that time of year again! You can get your Christmas Cuddly Toys this week for just £1. Your £1 donation will go to support local charity Butterwick Hospice.

There’re lots of characters to choose from including some all new for 2013. Choose from a penguin, a polar bear, a donkey, a robin and a dog.

You can make your donation and choose your toy when our friends from Year 6 visit your classroom or if you miss them you can visit reception and Mrs Rathbone will help you.

Which is your favourite?