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Year 5 Parachute Investigation

Year 5 has had a brilliant afternoon of scientific investigation, creating parachutes which will take the longest to bring an object to the ground. We talked about air resistance and experimented with different designs which would maximise it.

We used different materials and tested our designs until we had found the perfect design to gently bring our object to the ground.

Y5 – Where in the world did the Plague come from?

To take our minds off assessments this week, we’ve spent our afternoons exploring the Plague! Yesterday, we looked at the spread of the plague in the 13th Century and mapped it onto our own maps. It was trickier than usual because we used a partial map rather than the whole world but we persevered and helped each other to crack it and improve our mapping skills. It was great to see how the disease spread so quickly! Did you know that it originated in Mongolia? We didn’t until yesterday!

Next week, we’ll be researching rats: the supposed cause of the plague. And as we progress through our topic, we’ll investigate the real reasons for the spread of the disease.