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Year 6 19th – 23rd June 17

This week was Science Week at Newham Bridge and boy, have we enjoyed it! We spent our mornings planning and carrying out an experiment and spent afternoons doing some ‘wow’ experiments like ‘seeing the rainbow’ from a plate of skittles. We devised an experiment to test the most effective way of melting jelly for the Wobble family to use as instructions on their new brand of jelly – does it need warm or cold water and does stirring really help?

This week we have also begun a research project in RE. We are working in small groups to learn as much as we possibly can about one of the main religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism). We have used artefact boxes full of items which are important to members of that religion and we will share our new expert knowledge in the form of presentations next week.

Through our topic, we have also learned about the Mexican festival of Dia De Los Muertos, marked on October 31st each year to celebrate those who have died. We discovered how Mexicans celebrate this festival with masks, special foods and parades and we even designed our own Dia De Los Muertos masks with bright colours and patterns.

But it doesn’t end there! We have been fortunate enough to work with the British Red Cross again this week, taking part in two workshops exploring migration. We have discussed what migration means and the push and pull factors that lead people to migrate. We then talked about who refugees and asylum seekers are and whether or not we, as a country, should help. It was a great opportunity to discuss some trickier topics and broaden our minds, thank you BRC.

After another fantastic week in Year 6, it is now full steam ahead into Geography Week next week!

Year 6 12th – 16th June 17

This week has been another exciting one for Year 6! We have held our annual class assembly, sharing our ‘journey through Year 6’ with our parents, some of us have taken part in Bikeability training and even trained live with the Body Coach himself, Joe Wicks.

We began the week by discussing our own General Election results and what a hung parliament actually means – lots of us were surprised to realise how easy it is to invalidate your ballot paper when voting! On Monday, we worked with David Foster for Stepping Up Together, considering the law and how easy it is to commit a crime without realising. We looked at the story of Goldilocks and the three bears – it turns out that in the eyes of the law, Goldilocks is quite the criminal! It was great on Tuesday to share our favourite moments of the year: from judo and fencing taster sessions, to our Beamish trip and the exciting events still to come for this half term.

Wednesday afternoon, we all took part in a live exercise class with Joe Wicks, the body coach and some of us even got to meet some staff from our new secondary schools! On Thursday we begun our Geography work exploring the magnificent country of Mexico. We’re going to look at its location, human and physical features as well as Mexican festivals and why they are special.

Year 6 – 5th – 9th June 2017

This week in English, Year 6 have been returning to the Galapagos to write enchanting descriptions of the islands and their inhabitants. We revisited figurative language and looked at including advanced punctuation.

In maths we have explored a range of problem solving activities, from averages to proving/disproving mathematical statements.

Our afternoons have been spent enriching the curriculum: looking at community and citizenship with David Foster and Stepping Up Together; learning life-saving skills with British Red Cross First Aid course; exploring the value of friendship and the importance of respectful friendships with Harbour and assessing how shop-wise we are! We have even spent an afternoon looking at politics and the General Election, we played our part in the recent election by holding one of our own.

A Week in Year 6


On Wednesday 24th February a professional owl keeper came into school and introduced to us different species of Owls, such as: Tawny, Great Grey, Barn, Eurasian eagle and  Indian eagle. We learnt interesting facts about owls and we even got to hold the Barn owl. It was a very interesting and fun afternoon.
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Last week we had practice SATs. We set up our hall like how we would in SATs and we completed lots of papers including: Maths, Arithmetic and reasoning , reading and ESPG. It really helped us to understand the conditions for SATs.
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World Book Day

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme was ‘A Magical Read’ and we had a range of costumes from Marvel to Hogwarts. In Y6 we had a pack with a variety of World Book Day activities.

Conscience Alley

Today we did  conscience Alley to persuade the Sorting Hat to put Harry in Gryffindor, as our topic this term is Harry Potter.  To be a member of Gryffindor house you have to be loyal, determined and courageous/brave.

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Y6 KS2 Tests

Thank you to those parents that attended our meeting with Mrs Ede before half term with regards to the KS2 tests.

Unfortunately there was not enough time to show you the following video at the time but, we consider it will be useful for you to watch to gain an understanding of the the test your child will be taking in May 2016.