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An Epic Week in Year 3

Mothers Day Cards

For mothers day we created cards, clay pots and peppermint creams to show our mums how much we love and appreciate them. We also went to the in school mothers day fair to buy some extra gifts for them.

IMG_2006 IMG_2007

Making Sheilds

AS part of our topic this half term, Gods and Mortals, we created Greek style shields.
First, we had to design on paper how we would like our shields to look then we cut out circles out of cardboard, used cones, paint, wool and string to make our shields.

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In gymnastics this week we created and performed a sequence of our moves that we have learned over the past few weeks.
Firstly, we had to warm up, to make sure our muscles don’t get pulled, then in groups, we demonstrated the following moves: forward roll, back and front support, hedgehog roll and a 1 leg stand.


Athens V Sparta

We watched a Keynote presentation to decide if we wanted to live in Athens or Sparta. We then discussed with others on our table the good and bad things about each one and then finally decided which place we would rather live in.

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Year 3 Christingle 2015

What a busy week we have had in Year 3!

On Monday we lead the rest of the School in our annual Christingle Service at St. Chad’s Church. All of the children worked so hard to learn their parts and remember the words for all of the songs!

Mums, Dads and family members came to watch our second Christingle on Tuesday morning. All of the Year 3 children were amazing and Mrs Hewitt-Best said she was “the proudest Headteacher in Middlesbrough!”.

Reuben loved learning the songs and loved ‘This little light of mine’ because “it had super actions”.

Mia liked being in St. Chad’s and said “it felt so calm”.

For many of the children their most memorable part of the Service was singing ‘Hope of Heaven’. Charlie said “it made me happy we we all sang ‘Hope of Heaven’ at the front”.

A big thank you to all parents and family members for supporting children in learning their parts and for coming to watch.