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Y3 Predator Videos

Year 3 have been working really hard during their Predator topic this half term.  They have applied their knowledge of predators and their prey to create some fantastic videos.

They have described what it would be like to be hunted and how dangerous and sneaky the predators can be.  The children have used their creative writing and speaking skills in Morfo Booth.  Then edited the clips together using iMovie.  Finally they imported them into News Booth to create the effect of a breaking news report.  Super AppSmashing.



An Epic Week in Year 3

Mothers Day Cards

For mothers day we created cards, clay pots and peppermint creams to show our mums how much we love and appreciate them. We also went to the in school mothers day fair to buy some extra gifts for them.

IMG_2006 IMG_2007

Making Sheilds

AS part of our topic this half term, Gods and Mortals, we created Greek style shields.
First, we had to design on paper how we would like our shields to look then we cut out circles out of cardboard, used cones, paint, wool and string to make our shields.

Photo 1 3 Photo 4 2 Photo 3 2 Photo 2 2 Photo 9 2


In gymnastics this week we created and performed a sequence of our moves that we have learned over the past few weeks.
Firstly, we had to warm up, to make sure our muscles don’t get pulled, then in groups, we demonstrated the following moves: forward roll, back and front support, hedgehog roll and a 1 leg stand.


Athens V Sparta

We watched a Keynote presentation to decide if we wanted to live in Athens or Sparta. We then discussed with others on our table the good and bad things about each one and then finally decided which place we would rather live in.

Photo 6 2Photo 8 2

Year 3 Christingle 2015

What a busy week we have had in Year 3!

On Monday we lead the rest of the School in our annual Christingle Service at St. Chad’s Church. All of the children worked so hard to learn their parts and remember the words for all of the songs!

Mums, Dads and family members came to watch our second Christingle on Tuesday morning. All of the Year 3 children were amazing and Mrs Hewitt-Best said she was “the proudest Headteacher in Middlesbrough!”.

Reuben loved learning the songs and loved ‘This little light of mine’ because “it had super actions”.

Mia liked being in St. Chad’s and said “it felt so calm”.

For many of the children their most memorable part of the Service was singing ‘Hope of Heaven’. Charlie said “it made me happy we we all sang ‘Hope of Heaven’ at the front”.

A big thank you to all parents and family members for supporting children in learning their parts and for coming to watch.

Year 3 investigate Sainsbury’s.

As part of the new Y3 topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumtious’ the children went to the local Sainsbury’s to investigate different food products. They needed to learn about price, fair-trade, country of origin and the best way to layout a shop.

Year 3 Christingle 2014

On Monday 15th December the children of Newham Bridge Primary School walked to St.Chad’s Church to enjoy a Christingle service led by the Year 3 children.

The children in Year 3 had been working very hard and the congregation enjoyed a service which included a variety of songs, the story of the first christingle, an acrostic poem and some prayers.

Later that day in English the children wrote a recount about the service.

I felt anxious because I had to speak in front of the whole school” Declan D

We sang ‘sing christingle’ first and then we told the story of the first christingle” Layla

…then we sang our brand new song ‘Hope of Heaven’. Mrs Hewitt-Best said it was brilliant” Sukraj

Haven’t they been working hard? Well done Year 3!

Year 3 Volcano Movie

Here it is! Year 3’s Volcano Movie!

Everyone from Year 3 was involved in the creation of this movie although not all were seen on screen. Some we’re involved in creating the animation of the erupting volcano, some were involved in scripting the movie’s in depth volcano information and some were involved in the technical aspects of making the film.

Whatever their involvement they all worked together to create the film and here it is!

Y3/4 Football Competition

The Year 3/4 football team travelled to Eston to take part in the Middlesbrough Primary Schools competition. The team performed well throughout the day and enjoyed playing football in the sunny weather.

The day was split into two sections, with group games in the morning against: Beech Grove, Breckon Hill, Pallister Park, Brambles Farm, Newport and Sunnyside. The team came away with 1 win, 3 draws and 2 defeats.  In the  afternoon the team face: St Thomas More, Berwick Hills, St Augustines, Whinney Banks and St Gerrards. The team won 2 games, drew one and lost two games to finish third in their group.

Throughout the day the team showed great spirit and represented the school well, the stand out feature of the team was the defence which Jose Mourinho would have been proud of with 7 clean sheets in 11 games. However, the team seemed to leave their shooting boots at home as the woodwork was hit on 6 occassions throughout the day.

Well done everyone involved.

Mr Simpson.