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Year 3’s Creating a Spark!

Year 3 have been using the Adobe Spark Video app to create a video all about the history of Cadbury – from 1824, when John Cadbury opened his shop to sell his cocoa and drinking chocolates until 1905 with the release of the Dairy Milk bar.

The children recorded their voices retelling the story and then added: text, images and/or icons to illustrate. The children then explored and applied different layouts to their slides and customised the look and feel of their video using the predefined themes. To help enhance the video further, the children added an appropriate sound track.

Y3 Racquet & Ball Festival

The children in Year 3 went to a brilliant sporting event this week! The aim was to build skills and confidence in using racquets, based on the sports of badminton, tennis and squash.

We had a fantastic time playing games which helped develop hand-eye coordination, balance, power and teamwork.

Y6 Darwin Delights

Over the past two weeks, Y6 have been exploring the unique archipelago of the Galapagos islands. We have researched this one-of-a-kind landscape by watching documentaries and using the internet to find out about the endemic species inhabiting these islands. We are looking forward to writing our non-chronological reports this week.

Y5 – Where in the world did the Plague come from?

To take our minds off assessments this week, we’ve spent our afternoons exploring the Plague! Yesterday, we looked at the spread of the plague in the 13th Century and mapped it onto our own maps. It was trickier than usual because we used a partial map rather than the whole world but we persevered and helped each other to crack it and improve our mapping skills. It was great to see how the disease spread so quickly! Did you know that it originated in Mongolia? We didn’t until yesterday!

Next week, we’ll be researching rats: the supposed cause of the plague. And as we progress through our topic, we’ll investigate the real reasons for the spread of the disease.

Y3 Maths – 3D Shape Modelling

The children in Year 3 have been deepening their understanding of shapes today. They have been identifying and describing the properties of some common 3D shapes, as well as using some new ideas about vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines. It was great fun!

Y5 & The Human Life Cycle

This afternoon, Year 5 loved discussing the human life cycle. We talked about how long a foetus grows inside the womb, what we achieve in each stage of our life cycle and even explored what we would look like in our own old age using the Old Age app.

Some of our most interesting facts included:
– foetuses receive their nutrition via the umbilical cord which connects them to the mother’s bloodstream.
– babies have to develop the ability to control their own movement before they can even begin to hold their own head up, crawl or walk!
– the adult stage of the life cycle is the longest of all 6 stages.
– we do the most growing and learning in our childhood.

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