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KS1 Coding with Code-a-pillar

This morning, the children in 1HH have been using the Code-a-pillar app on the iPads. Applying their computational thinking skills they had to solved problems by creating algorithms of directions to get Code-a-pillar from his start position along the path to the star. In some cases, the children encountered a problem within their algorithms and therefore needed to debug to find it and correct it.

The Bridge That George Built

Look who came into school! Ann Marie-Anderson!

Talented illustrator Ann-Marie Anderson, from the MFC Foundation, came in and talked to Key Stage 1 about how she illustrated the fabulous story The Bridge That George Built. She shared her expertise with the children, answered our questions about the process of illustrating and then gave us some top drawing tips that the children can use. The children were listening carefully and asking interesting questions and were a credit to Newham Bridge School. We look forward to seeing Ann-Marie again soon.

Year 1 19th – 23rd June 17

This week in Year 1 we have had a brilliant time taking part in Science Week!
We have carried out investigations, we have had great scientists in to work with us and we have even made our own scientist pictures.
We carried out a skittle experiments where the colour came of the skittles and made a pattern. We have also been working with partners mixing colours and making our own mystery colour! We even made slime. It was really funny on our hands because it was like play dough and then it turned all runny! Then we made lava lamps and watched all of the bubbles floating to the top. Our scientist artwork looks fantastic too.

We love Science in 1NS!

We can’t wait to see what we will be doing next week.

KS1 – Computing & RE (Sum 2 Wk 1)

In Computing, the children in Year 1 and 2 were beginning to get a better understanding of the laptops we use in school.  They were practicing how to use them safely and carefully.

The children in Year 1 began to use their own usernames and passwords to access the apps and software on the computer.  We talked about the importance of keeping usernames and passwords private, and how we should behave when we’re using different technology.

In year two the children began to look at the range of different applications we can use on the laptops and how they might be used in different lessons.  We also learned some cheeky keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures to perform different simple tasks.

In RE this week the children have been finding out more about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.  We shared and retold the story of a boy who had to celebrate Shabbat all alone in the desert.  Fortunately he had an animal to protect him…Find out more here

KS1 Tide Animations

Using the 2Animate app on Purple Mash, the children in KS1 have created some simple animations to show the ‘flow’ and ‘ebb’ of the tide at a beach.

They picked up the skills really quickly and added some of their own touches of detail to make the animations really fantastic.  Well done to them all.

Use the arrow keys at the top of the display board to see all the work.


Key Stage 1 is Blooming

Hardwick Park

As part of our topic, The Scented Garden we went to Hardwick Park. We explored the whole forest to find signs of Spring, this included birds such as a Blue Tit and a Chaffinch, as well as flowers and trees such as snow drops, daffodils and a magical Elder Tree.

We managed to find everything except 1 bird and flower – so Spring must be here!

IMG_1364 IMG_1335

Jack and the Beanstalk

After reading the book, Jack and the Beanstalk, we have wrote an account of what had happened as well as character descriptions. We have been acting out parts of Jack and the Beanstalk because in a few weeks we are writing the story as if we are Jack.

IMG_1510 IMG_1497 IMG_1500

Science Week in 1DJ

Science week began with an investigation into Weather and Wind.  We had some terrible weather on Monday evening and the children wanted to learn more about why.  We started off by assessing the damage done to the trees in the KS1 playground and then we watched the BBC Weather forecast to see if it would get much better.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 22.45.12 We learned a lot about temperatures, UK geography, rain and wind, but we wanted to know more!  We began our research into wind directions and how we measure which way the wind is coming from.

The children were set a challenge to monitor the weather for the week and record which direction the wind was coming from, on the school field.

The children learned how to make weather vanes and what they would tell us about the wind and possibly the weather too.  We needed to know lots about compass directions so that we could set our weather vane up correctly.

Here are the children using their weather vanes for the first time.  If you want to know more about the wind and weather, please come and have a look at our Wind Roses.  A special type of chart used to monitor wind direction.

Paper Planes 

We also created some amazing paper planes for a competition.  The children loved making them, practising their folding techniques and making them fly as far as possible.  We used a great website to gather different ideas and designs in order to make the bast possible plane.

Plant Growth

Our third investigation for the week focussed on whether plants needed soil in order to grow.  The children devised their own fair test to see if Sunflowers would grow in gravel and sand.  Keep an eye out for the updates coming up over the next few weeks.


Making Paper

You can also see the results of our paper making investigation, where we tried to produce paper good enough to write on.   We used grass and plastic as well as some torn up old paper, with glue and water to produce a pulp.  The pulp was rolled out and dried on a mesh frame.  Eventually we were able to try and write on it with a selection of pens, pencils and felt tips.  The pictures of our paper are towards the end of the video.


Spelling Bee 2015

Our schools third annual Spelling Bee competition took place this afternoon, with a group of 6 Year 6 students pitting their spelling knowledge against 6 members of staff.

The teachers started the competition in the worst possible way, incorrectly spelling their first word, gifting the children an opportunity to take advantage, which they took.

The students proved to be tough competitors for our teachers only dropping one word out of 18. The teachers on the other hand incorrectly spelt 4.

The competition ended Teachers 14, Children 17. Another win for the children to make it 3 years in a row.