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Fruit Tasting and Hero Day 2014 in Reception

This week we have been looking at the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. We decided to try some of the different fruits in the story to see if we liked them. Some of us really liked them….others not so much! It was great fun trying the fruits and some of us pulled some very funny faces when we tried them!

As mentioned in our last post, we have turned our outside construction area into a Building Site so we can pretend to make new buildings to match the building work going on in school. We saw a huge crane the other day, which was very exciting! We hope it comes back so we can go and see it.

Lastly, on Friday it was Children in Need day. Thank you to everyone who donated £1 🙂 We had great fun dressing up as local heroes and acting out our important roles. Check out our pictures of all the fantastic Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Firefighters, Vets, Beauticians and many more that come through our door on Friday 🙂

Enjoy. Reception Team.

Foundation Fun Day

The sun shone and the children had fun. Well Done to all of the children in Nursery and Reception on Friday, you were brilliant! A big “Thank you” to all of our Year 6 helpers.

A visit from the Fire Brigade

Reception had lots of fun when the Fire Brigade visited school. The Firemen spoke to us about how to keep safe. We also all enjoyed using the fire hose!

There was such a thing as a Gruffalo at Billingham Forum!

On Friday 9th of May, Reception class went to see ‘The Gruffalo’ at Billingham Forum. We thought it was fantastic! The children were very well behaved and a credit to our School.

“I liked the snake and the mouse and the owl and the Gruffalo the best, I liked it all!”


Thank you to our parent helpers for coming with us.

Reception Cake Sale

At the end of last term Reception held a cake sale to raise some money to put towards a trip to see ‘The Gruffalo’ at Billingham Forum.

Thank you to everybody who supported our cake sale. We raised a staggering £103.77!!

Thank you also to Nana Berni who baked us a wonderful ‘Gruffalo’ cake, which we raffled at our cake sale. The cake was won by Theo and he said it was delicious!

Easter egg hunt in Reception

On the last day of term, the Easter bunny visited Reception. He hid pictures of Easter eggs in our outside area. All the children found one and worked together to make sure we had found them all. Then we swapped them for a chocolate egg.

Hand hygiene in Reception

On Monday 24th March the School Nurse visited to teach the children in Reception about good hand hygiene. We had fun adding a ‘magic gel’ to our hands. When we put our hands into the light machine it showed where our hands were dirty. We washed our hands and checked that they were clean. The Nurse said that we were ‘Champion Hand Washers’ and gave us all a certificate. Well Done Reception!

Reception trip to the Moon!

Following our ‘Out of this world’ theme for World Book Day the children in Reception are embracing the theme of  ‘Space.’ We shared the book ‘Whatever Next’ and the children asked if we could bring a special toy to a picnic on the moon- just like the bear in the story.

The first thing we needed were jet packs that we could wear on our backs. We wrote to a special toy and invited them to come to school. On Friday we brought our special friend in from home and made our sandwiches, then we were ready to zoom to the moon!