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Year 3 Visit – Danby

The children in Year 3 have recently visited the North York Moors Visitor Centre in Danby, North Yorkshire.

We had a fantastic time there and had the opportunity to do a range of outdoor activities. These activities included:

Shelter building – Using a range of natural materials to create a comfortable yet sturdy shelter. The children worked brilliantly in teams to ensure they completed their mission.

Natural art – Using clay and a variety of twigs, sticks, seeds, leaves and pebbles to create the image of a god or goddess, which was displayed on the trunk of a tree.

Science – The children reviewed their understanding of photosynthesis in plants and became skilled at identifying a range of woodland plants and trees. They also had the opportunity to hunt for mini beasts in their natural habitat.

Ornithology – We used a woodland hide to observe a variety of birds and name them.

We hope you enjoy the photos!

Year 6 SATs

We have come to the end of our second day of SATs. We are extremely proud of the children and the effort they have put in so far. The children have shown excellent resilience and perseverance and we are sure that this will continue for the rest of the week.

Middlesbrough Reading Logs

To help encourage and foster a love of reading, Middlesbrough schools have helped create a list of ‘Best Books’ for children to enjoy. We have sent the logs home for you to look through with your child and encourage them to tick off any books they have read. There is an opportunity within the booklet to enter the Middlesbrough competition by completing a reading review, with the prize of an iPad mini for a lucky winner. Please spend some time looking through the booklet and supporting your children to complete the reviews. Reading logs should be returned to school the week beginning 10th June so that we can keep them updated and send off reviews. Thank you for supporting your child’s love of reading.

Year 5 Parachute Investigation

Year 5 has had a brilliant afternoon of scientific investigation, creating parachutes which will take the longest to bring an object to the ground. We talked about air resistance and experimented with different designs which would maximise it.

We used different materials and tested our designs until we had found the perfect design to gently bring our object to the ground.