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Year 5 19th – 23rd June 17

This week in english we have been publishing our brochures for Pandora can we persuade you to visit? Maths saw us problem solving, to date we have cracked codes, played the Chinese game Nim and sorted numbers based on their properties.

This week we welcomed parents to our class assembly where the children had the opportunity to share all their hard work. We were very proud of them and impressed with their performance.

It has also been science week at school, in year five we have created density towers, made glowing lava lamps, tested the powers of friction, created colours and made slime!

Year 5 12th – 16th June 17

This week, Year 5 have worked extremely hard with their Summer assessments.  We are very proud of all of the effort and dedication they showed.

A group of Year 5 children have spent their mornings learning how to be safe when cycling, taking part in bike ability.  They showed great responsibility and independence when taking to the roads.  The remaining group are really keen to hop on their bikes next week.

During the afternoons, we took part in the Joe Wickes challenge.  We got very hot and sweaty, but it was lots of fun.  On Thursday afternoon, we joined together to play our Alchemy Island games.  We have spent a lot of time and effort designing and creating our very own board games so we were eager to play them with our friends.

A Week in Year 6


On Wednesday 24th February a professional owl keeper came into school and introduced to us different species of Owls, such as: Tawny, Great Grey, Barn, Eurasian eagle and  Indian eagle. We learnt interesting facts about owls and we even got to hold the Barn owl. It was a very interesting and fun afternoon.
IMG_1015 IMG_1017


Last week we had practice SATs. We set up our hall like how we would in SATs and we completed lots of papers including: Maths, Arithmetic and reasoning , reading and ESPG. It really helped us to understand the conditions for SATs.
IMG_1029 IMG_1028

World Book Day

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme was ‘A Magical Read’ and we had a range of costumes from Marvel to Hogwarts. In Y6 we had a pack with a variety of World Book Day activities.

Conscience Alley

Today we did  conscience Alley to persuade the Sorting Hat to put Harry in Gryffindor, as our topic this term is Harry Potter.  To be a member of Gryffindor house you have to be loyal, determined and courageous/brave.

IMG_1070 IMG_1067

Y6 KS2 Tests

Thank you to those parents that attended our meeting with Mrs Ede before half term with regards to the KS2 tests.

Unfortunately there was not enough time to show you the following video at the time but, we consider it will be useful for you to watch to gain an understanding of the the test your child will be taking in May 2016.

Year 6 Algorithm Sort

Year 6 have been doing some great additional work in computing recently.  As part of this they were challenged to try and work out the algorithm (clear coded instructions) which these lego characters followed when sorting the towers into order.  The children were brilliant at this and were soon eager to develop their own algorithms and create a video.

We also watched this algorithm dance and thought we could do a better job.  So the children decomposed the algorithms into smaller more manageable code and created their own dance videos.  We hope you enjoy watching  the children sort a range of decimal numbers into the correct sequence.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Year 6 Leavers 2015

Today brought about the end of their Newham Bridge journey for our current year 6 students. May they take away many fond memories of their time at Newham Bridge and go on to achieve great things in the future. The class of 2015 have shared some of their memories of their time at Newham Bridge, click here to take a look yourself.

Mexico Website

As part of Year 6 ICT they have been learning about web development and the HTML and CSS coding that is used to build them. As a class they worked together to develop a website about their project topic, Mexico. The class were split into small teams of 2 or 3 and each group produced a page for the website. The students had to research the information, collect images and edit HTML documents to produce their page. All the pages were collated together to create their website.

Click here to have a look at their website.