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An Awesome Week in Year 4

World Book Day

To mark the 19th anniversary of World Book Day, we all came dressed up as our favourite character from a book. In year 4 we made our own book marks. We also had a class discussion to share what our favourite books are and why.

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Banana Debate

As part of our topic, Allotment, we had a class debate about should we buy bananas that are imported from Costa Rica. this included watching video bout the journey the bananas take to get to our shops in the UK. After this we were split into two groups, one arguing for and the other against. This involved considering many factors such as transportation, air pollution and  the bananas being grown artificially.

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Heroic Harry Potter Day

As part of Harry Potter Day we all came to school dressed up as our favourite Harry Potter character. Throughout the day we took part in a variety of different activities such as Quiditch, wand making, transfigurations and we also made butter beer and biscuits. we had such a great day and ended it with a children vs teachers Harry Potter quiz – which was won by the children.

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Life Cycles

We have been learning about the life cycles of plants and animals as part of this terms topic. This has helped us to understand how we survive through life.

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This morning Y4 went to Outwood Academy to launch their new topic of Potions. The morning started with the children observing some exciting experiments, conducted by Mr McQuire which the children found extremely impressive. After this it was the children’s turn to investigate with a range of different chemicals. They observed and recorded changes of colour and temperature and even had the opportunity to see a reversible change! This was followed by an extremely large cookie and and drink of juice. The children had a fantastic day, see for yourself by looking through the album.

Year 3 Volcano Movie

Here it is! Year 3’s Volcano Movie!

Everyone from Year 3 was involved in the creation of this movie although not all were seen on screen. Some we’re involved in creating the animation of the erupting volcano, some were involved in scripting the movie’s in depth volcano information and some were involved in the technical aspects of making the film.

Whatever their involvement they all worked together to create the film and here it is!

2EJ Volcano Poem

2EJ have been writing acrostic poems about volcanoes this half term. Linking with the production of our film, we decided to use our recording skills to produce a video showing our fabulous performances of the poems.

The children used a green screen background to record on so we could add the background later. Other roles the children fulfilled were sound monitor, equipment tester, camera operator and auto cue operator.

Hope you enjoy !

Y3/4 Football Competition

The Year 3/4 football team travelled to Eston to take part in the Middlesbrough Primary Schools competition. The team performed well throughout the day and enjoyed playing football in the sunny weather.

The day was split into two sections, with group games in the morning against: Beech Grove, Breckon Hill, Pallister Park, Brambles Farm, Newport and Sunnyside. The team came away with 1 win, 3 draws and 2 defeats.  In the  afternoon the team face: St Thomas More, Berwick Hills, St Augustines, Whinney Banks and St Gerrards. The team won 2 games, drew one and lost two games to finish third in their group.

Throughout the day the team showed great spirit and represented the school well, the stand out feature of the team was the defence which Jose Mourinho would have been proud of with 7 clean sheets in 11 games. However, the team seemed to leave their shooting boots at home as the woodwork was hit on 6 occassions throughout the day.

Well done everyone involved.

Mr Simpson.

2EJ Lava Lamp Experiment

This week 2EJ had the opportunity to develop their understanding of volcanoes when they had the chance to enter the Science dome. Starting the week off with this fantastic experience excited the children and we continued to explore the theme of volcanoes and lava.

Today we carried out an experiment which involved us creating lava lamps. The children were given all of the equipment they would need and were asked to make predictions before starting.

What we did:
The children began by filling a 2 litre bottle 1/4 full with water. They then filled the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil. After this they uses a pipette to drop (exactly) 20 drops of red or yellow food colouring into the bottle. Next comes the exciting bit, dropping an Alka-Seltzer in and sitting back to enjoy the show!

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this experiment and a lucky few got to take the lava lamps home!

2EJ Rock Walk

For Year 3’s Tremor topic 2EJ went for a walk in the local area. We saw some man made rocks whilst on our way to the walkway. During the walk along the beck, the children spotted many natural rocks (and some man made that were in the beck by mistake). When at the edge of the beck we discussed where the sand on the banks had came from. The sun was shining and we all had a fantastic time learning in our local area!

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Cross Country

Well done to our Cross Country runners who attended the first round of the Tees Valley Cross Country competition. All of the children were excellent ambassadors for the school and braved chilly weather conditions to achieve their very best.  We are very proud of all the children who took part.


Lower Key Stage 2 Christingle Service

On Tuesday 17th December Lower Key Stage 2 held their annual Christingle Service as St Chads Church. The children told the real story of Christmas, presented an acrostic poem, explained the meaning of the Christingle and sang hymns. The whole event was enjoyed with family and friends, including members from St Chads congregation. The children and staff would like to thank Mrs Dean and St Chads Church for allowing us to hold this Christmas celebration.
Read on for photographs from this year’s Christingle