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North Yorkshire Moors, Danby – Educational Visit – 03.03.15

Y5 had the opportunity to visit the North Yorkshire Moors Visitor Centre in Danby to help launch our Creative Curriculum topic of Allotment. We had a fantastic time enjoying all the nature and taking part in the activities. We all learnt lots of background information to help us with our work in school, a lovely educational visit. We would like to thank all the staff at Danby for a fantastic day!

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Rat Attack!

Year 5 has been taken over by rats!

DSCF1927 DSCF1928 DSCF1929 DSCF1930


Well done to all the pupils who completed their two week homework project to create a model rat. In year 5 our topic is Peasants, Princes and Pestilence and as part of this, we have been learning about the Black Death. We have been learning about how the Black Death spread and how rats and fleas were blamed.

The children have created some absolutely fabulous models. Congratulations Year 5!


DSCF1922 DSCF1920 DSCF1921 DSCF1923 DSCF1924 DSCF1925


Year 4 Life Centre

On Monday 30th June 2HG went to the Life Centre in Newcastle as part of their work on solids, liquids and gases.

Here are some comments from the pupils about their educational visit.

“In the science theatre, we saw a show called “A Day on the Beach”. It was a guide about how to stay safe at the beach. Did you know, you should never completely fill the inflatables you take to the seaside. This is because the gas inside them expands when they get warm. So keep some space,  otherwise they might go BANG!”

DSCF0551 DSCF0550 DSCF0548

“We went to the Planetarium. A Planetarium is a giant circle and inside its a cinema except the screen isn’t just it front of you, its all around you. We watched a movie all about the moon and the Google Lunar Competition. ”

“In the workshop we used bunsen burners, as in school we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We had to heat up water to create water vapour.”


“At the end of the day, before going home we went on the 4D ride. The chairs rocked backwards and forwards, you got blown by wind and squirted with water. It was AMAZING!”

“I had a great day! I would recommend the Life Centre to everyone. My favourite part was the Curiosity Zone and the 4D Motion Ride because they were both fun and exciting.”

DSCF0558 DSCF0561 DSCF0564 DSCF0565DSCF0569 DSCF0570 DSCF0572 DSCF0584DSCF0585 DSCF0588 DSCF0586 DSCF0590 DSCF0597 DSCF0601

Y3/4 Football Competition

The Year 3/4 football team travelled to Eston to take part in the Middlesbrough Primary Schools competition. The team performed well throughout the day and enjoyed playing football in the sunny weather.

The day was split into two sections, with group games in the morning against: Beech Grove, Breckon Hill, Pallister Park, Brambles Farm, Newport and Sunnyside. The team came away with 1 win, 3 draws and 2 defeats.  In the  afternoon the team face: St Thomas More, Berwick Hills, St Augustines, Whinney Banks and St Gerrards. The team won 2 games, drew one and lost two games to finish third in their group.

Throughout the day the team showed great spirit and represented the school well, the stand out feature of the team was the defence which Jose Mourinho would have been proud of with 7 clean sheets in 11 games. However, the team seemed to leave their shooting boots at home as the woodwork was hit on 6 occassions throughout the day.

Well done everyone involved.

Mr Simpson.

2HG Science Week

2HG have been very busy scientists!

Reaction of vinegar with bicarbonate of soda.

Our experiment

We used:

A small plastic bottle
A balloon
Some sodium bicarbonate (1 teaspoons)
Some white vinegar (50ml)
A cardboard cone


We all wore safety glasses to make sure nothing could splash in our eyes.


1) We put the funnel in the neck of the balloon and tipped the sodium bicarbonate carefully through the cone into the balloon.
2) We poured vinegar into the bottle.
3) Very carefully we stretched the mouth of the balloon right over the mouth of the bottle, being careful not to spill any of the sodium bicarbonate into the bottle.
4) Then we lifted the balloon completely upright so that the sodium bicarbonate inside the balloon poured into the vinegar.

DSCF0435 DSCF0438

What happened?

The sodium bicarbonate and vinegar fizzed and we saw lots of bubbles. We could see that a reaction was happening. Then the balloon blew up! The bottle felt really cold around the mixture. After a while the mixture stopped fizzing and the balloon stopped expanding.

DSCF0452 DSCF0464 DSCF0465 DSCF0444 DSCF0443


When sodium bicarbonate and vinegar mix, they react with each other and one of the things that is made is carbon dioxide gas. The reaction needs heat to make it happen, so it takes heat from its surroundings, leaving the bottle feeling cold.

The gas couldn’t escape because it was trapped by the balloon. As more and more gas was made, the balloon blew up. Carbon dioxide gas kept on being produced until there was no vinegar or bicarbonate of soda left to react.




Potions: a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or sticky goo.

Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and Year 4’s topic for this half term.

Now scientist, beware! There are some powerful and deadly potions out there – dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet!) Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions.

Cross Country

Well done to our Cross Country runners who attended the first round of the Tees Valley Cross Country competition. All of the children were excellent ambassadors for the school and braved chilly weather conditions to achieve their very best.  We are very proud of all the children who took part.


Middlesbrough Primary Schools U11 Football Fair Play Award 2013

Before the Christmas holidays, our Year 5 and 6 boys and girls football team attended the Middlesbrough Primary Schools U11 football competition. It was a fantastic day with a high standard of football from all the teams which attended. The competition was sponsored by Vision for Education who provide trophies and medals for the winners and runners up. In addition to this they also sponsored a new award for fair play. To be nominated for this award teams had to demonstrate; honesty, teamwork, respect, self belief, passion, determination and sportsmanship. Our teams where seen to have all these qualities and were awarded the Middlesbrough Primary Schools U11 Football Fair Play Award 2013.

On Friday 31st January Vision for Education came in to award our Year 5 and 6 boys and girls team the Fair Play award trophy and a bag of footballs.

We are extremely proud of all the children who took part in this event, you were all excellent ambassadors for our school. Congratulations!



Lower Key Stage 2 Christingle Service

On Tuesday 17th December Lower Key Stage 2 held their annual Christingle Service as St Chads Church. The children told the real story of Christmas, presented an acrostic poem, explained the meaning of the Christingle and sang hymns. The whole event was enjoyed with family and friends, including members from St Chads congregation. The children and staff would like to thank Mrs Dean and St Chads Church for allowing us to hold this Christmas celebration.
Read on for photographs from this year’s Christingle


This term 2HG will be swimming, however the way this will run has changed. Pupils will now swim every day for a two week block, unfortunately the swimming baths have imposed a maximum number of children per session, so the class will swim in two halves.

The first block will run from Monday 7th October to Friday 18th October. The second block will run from Monday 2nd December to Friday 13th December. Children have received a letter informing them of which group they are in.

The children will need to bring the appropriate swimming kit in a suitable bag every day for the two week block.

Kit should include:

  • Swimming costume / trunks / shorts
  • Towel

If there are any issues or concerns regarding swimming please speak to Miss Gurd.