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Science Week in 1DJ

Science week began with an investigation into Weather and Wind.  We had some terrible weather on Monday evening and the children wanted to learn more about why.  We started off by assessing the damage done to the trees in the KS1 playground and then we watched the BBC Weather forecast to see if it would get much better.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 22.45.12 We learned a lot about temperatures, UK geography, rain and wind, but we wanted to know more!  We began our research into wind directions and how we measure which way the wind is coming from.

The children were set a challenge to monitor the weather for the week and record which direction the wind was coming from, on the school field.

The children learned how to make weather vanes and what they would tell us about the wind and possibly the weather too.  We needed to know lots about compass directions so that we could set our weather vane up correctly.

Here are the children using their weather vanes for the first time.  If you want to know more about the wind and weather, please come and have a look at our Wind Roses.  A special type of chart used to monitor wind direction.

Paper Planes 

We also created some amazing paper planes for a competition.  The children loved making them, practising their folding techniques and making them fly as far as possible.  We used a great website to gather different ideas and designs in order to make the bast possible plane.

Plant Growth

Our third investigation for the week focussed on whether plants needed soil in order to grow.  The children devised their own fair test to see if Sunflowers would grow in gravel and sand.  Keep an eye out for the updates coming up over the next few weeks.


Making Paper

You can also see the results of our paper making investigation, where we tried to produce paper good enough to write on.   We used grass and plastic as well as some torn up old paper, with glue and water to produce a pulp.  The pulp was rolled out and dried on a mesh frame.  Eventually we were able to try and write on it with a selection of pens, pencils and felt tips.  The pictures of our paper are towards the end of the video.


World Book Day – Bedtime Stories

Some super onesies were on show during our Bedtime reading theme for WBD 2015.

Photo 60 3 Photo 56 3

Everyone really enjoyed sharing their favourite night time story and 1DJ also made some super story stones.  A short story which can be laid out in a path and rearranged or changed by whoever follows the story.


1DJ Minibeast Hotel Rooms

This week the children in 1DJ have been finding out all about minibeast habitats.  The learning has covered some of our science, topic and english sessions and has been lots of fun.

First we wrote a letter to a minibeast to tell them what we already knew about them and ask the some questions we’d like to know the answers to.  We then researched the habitats and life of the minibeast and wrote a letter back to ourselves answering lots of the questions.

We then used this information to design the perfect hotel room for the bug, thinking carefully about its needs for shelter, food, temperature, light/dark and perhaps a bit of entertainment during its stay.

The children then wrote a shopping list, ready for a trip to Bugkea, detailing all of the things needed for the hotel room and why they had chosen to include them.  We then had lots of fun actually creating the room using all sorts of different resources.  We are very happy with the finished hotel and think that the bugs would love to stay there on holiday!

Superhero Sandwiches

The Year 2 children in 1DJ had a fantastic time creating some healthy sandwiches fit for a superhero.  They researched the main food groups and tried their best to make a balanced and healthy snack using a range of ingredients.  As you can see they were very tasty and we were really proud of the children who tried some healthy, new foods!!!


1DJ – Homework ‘Journeys’

Your homework for next week is to plan the journey the BeeBot must take to solve the tasks listed below.

Write your instructions onto paper using the words  (Forward, Quarter Turn, Clockwise and Anticlockwise) and bring them to Mr Jackson or Mr Bourner next week.   Good Luck!!!

Task 1:

Photo 51 2

  1. Start at the pirate ship.
  2. Write down how you would get to the crocodile using quarter turns and forward steps.
  3. You must not go into the cave on the way.

Task 2:

Photo 50 3

  1. Start at the rat.
  2. Write down how you would get to the bat using quarter turns and forward steps.
  3. You must land on the fox and the bed on the way.


Task 3:

Photo 52 2

  1. Start at the red square.
  2. Write down how you would get to blue square using quarter turns and forward steps.
  3. You must land on the red circle and the blue triangle on the way.

1DJ – Enchanted Woodland Creatures

The children in 1DJ have created a superb gallery of pictures and collages using only the materials they found whilst on our woodland walk.

The challenge was to create a character we might see wandering through a magical woodland.  As you can see their imaginations ran wild and some of the creations are magnificent.  We hope you enjoy them.  Let us know your favourites by leaving a comment at the end of the post.

Thank you Mr Jackson

KS1 Woodland Walk

Today the children in KS1 went for a stroll through the trees near school.  We have been looking closely at the types of trees found locally and have also been trying to identify the leaves which have fallen to the ground.  We took some rubbings to experience the different feel of the bark on the trunks and finally made friends with a tree!

Photo 38 1 Photo 49 2 Photo 48 2 Photo 47 2 Photo 46 2 Photo 42 2 Photo 38 2 Photo 37 2 Photo 36 2 Photo 35 2 Photo 34 2 Photo 33 2 Photo 32 2 Photo 24 2 Photo 18 2 Photo 21 2 Photo 23 2 Photo 22 2 Photo 13 2 Photo 5 2 Photo 47 1 Photo 46 1 Photo 45 1 Photo 40 1 Photo 39 1 Photo 23 1 Photo 21 1 Photo 52 Photo 51 Photo 50 Photo 49 Photo 48 Photo 46