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1ZH meet Weird and Wonderful creatures!

1ZH had an amazing morning seeing wonderful creatures from Discovery Zoo.  They were able to look and touch many different creatures.   They met a chameleon, a skink, a small python, a millipede and a tarantula.   The children were fascinated , excited and brave to hold the creatures and had the opportunity to ask many questions.  Even Mrs Hilton was brave to hold a spider!

Photo 22 3 Photo 11 2Photo 4 1 Photo 14 2 Photo 7 Photo 21 1 Photo 23 2 Photo 11 1 Photo 13 1 Photo 4 Photo 6

1ZH were able to look at some reptiles, linking with their dinosaur topic.  They all had a fab morning!

Science week in 1ZH – Weather Vanes, Plant growing and Paper making

1ZH have been great scientists this week!  They wanted to know where the wind comes from and how to measure the direction of wind.  They also investigated what plants really need to help them grow and wondered what materials were best to use to make paper.

Weather vanes

The children wanted to know where the wind came from because it was a windy day on the Monday so we researched how wind was made and looked at different forecasts.  We also looked at different types of weather on the internet what we experience in the UK and even freak weather.  The children then made weather vanes to help them find out which direction the wind was coming from.  They also recorded throughout the week, the different weather we experienced and the temperature.

.Photo 9 5 Photo 8 5 Photo 16 4 Photo 7 3 Photo 2 7 Photo 15 3

Growing plants

The children also investigated what things plants need to help them grow and survive.  To help them investigate, they were able to plant their sunflower seeds and changed the different conditions –  using soil, sand or cotton wool,  or using different amounts of light, or different amounts of water or have different temperatures.

Photo 1 7 Photo 2 7 Photo 6 5 Photo 8 5 Photo 12 2

They will observe and record their plants throughout the term.

Paper making

The children thoroughly enjoyed making paper and we are still waiting for the paper to dry!  The children had different types of paper materials to recycle and make new paper.  They used magazines, cartridge paper, tissue paper, hand towel paper and newspapers to tear into pieces and put into a bowl of water and glue. They then poured it out into a pulp and flattened it out onto a tray and waited for it to dry. They will then write on the different types of paper and see which one was the best.

Photo 2 9 Photo 6 7 Photo 11 5 Photo 17 4 Photo 12 5 Photo 13 3 Photo 8 7 Photo 15 3



1ZHi visit Danby Forest

Before the Christmas holidays, all KS1 had an amazing treat visiting Danby forest to complete their termly topic, ‘The Enchanted Woodland’.  The children really enjoyed the experience of walking through the woods, collecting soft, cuddly creatures, playing games and seeing teachers dress up as trees or rabbits!  They also enjoyed sitting in a large tent, warming their toes and drinking hot chocolate, while listening to the story ‘One Snowy Night’. Later they had the experience to touch real woodland creatures (stuffed animals) and learn about their features and habitats. The weather was cold and damp, but this did not stop the children have an amazing experience!

Photo 762 Photo 753 Photo 761 Photo 751 Photo 763 Photo 764 Photo 766 Photo 769 Photo 773 Photo 776 Photo 778 Photo 780 Photo 782 Photo 783  Photo 794 Photo 795 Photo 796 Photo 798 Photo 800 Photo 809 1 Photo 810 1 Photo 811 1 Photo 813 1 Photo 814 1 Photo 815 1 Photo 818 1 Photo 820 1 Photo 821 1 Photo 822 1 Photo 823 1 Photo 824 1 Photo 825 1 Photo 826 1 Photo 828 1 Photo 829 2 Photo 830 1

The Enchanted Woodland

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise!

1ZH really enjoyed visiting the local woods last week as part of their term topic                         ‘The Enchanted Woodland’ . The children had a walk along the path, identifying and collecting different leaves for discussion work and art work.  They then went into the woods and had a go at some bark and leaf rubbing. They also collected some small twigs and leaves to make a mini shelter for the little Pixes .

Photo 13 3  Photo 14 2 Photo 15 2 Photo 17 1

Photo 16 1Photo 18 1

In the woods, they stopped and had a think about their senses, collecting ideas about what they could see, hear, feel and smell to help them with their written work.

Photo 2 2 Photo 3 2 Photo 4 2 Photo 5 2 Photo 8 3 Photo 6 2

Back in class they have had a go at leaf rubbing, leaf printing,  writing poetry and are now beginning to build on their imagination, listening to woodland theme stories and creating their own.





Colour magic! 1ZHi investigating colours

For Science week, 1ZHi have been investigating colour, the same as 1DJ.  We did some  investigations about colour, linking with our topic and science work (Brazil and Animals and plants).  Firstly, we  listened to a story called ‘How the parrot got his coloured feathers’ and looked closely at the colours seen on a Mawcaw parrot. We discussed why parrots and other animals in the Amazon forest are so colourful and have strange markings, this is because they are warning off predators or hiding away from them.

Photo 106

We then looked at the three primary colours on the parrot; red, yellow and blue, but we wanted to investigate how we could make the other colours; orange, green and purple (secondary colours).  Some  of us investigated further colours, the tertiary colours.Print

We  planned what we were going to do and what we needed, made some predictions, then we investigated and mixed the colours.  After the investigation we discussed our results and ways of improving the investigation.

Photo 123 Photo 125Photo 119Photo 110 Photo 121 

We also did another experiment, working with food colouring and paper towels, watching the food colouring being absorbed and predicting what colours would appear in the middle pots.Photo 111Photo 131

Linking with the Animals and plants, we had recently been looking at the different parts of a plant and what a plant needs to help it grow.  We put some white flowers into pots of food colouring and for two days watched the petals change colour. This helped us understand the importance of the roots and stem of a plant.

Photo 113

Photo 132

Brazil Day!


Last week KS1 had a fantastic Brazil day!  A freestyle footballer visited our school and showed his amazing skills to the children and they were able to have a go too. He amazed the children with many tricks, especially his hat trick,  balancing a ball on his head and taking his hat off! Hats off to the children for their good listening skills and having a go!

Photo 958

Photo 1012

Then we had a visit from a samba band workshop, Graeme showed the children all the different drums and demonstrated a few rhythms.  Then the children were able to choose a drum and have a go, listening to the instructions and following the beat.  It was very noisy in the hall (sorry year 6!), but the children had a great time taking part in a samba band. We then had a special Brazil assembly.

Photo 1040