School Meals

At Newham Bridge we follow a keen healthy eating programme. The children are
offered a wide nutritious choice. Attention is given to considering the individual taste of
the children; care is the key word.

The Trading Standards Office monitors the kitchen and frequent inspections occur to
ensure that the required standards are met. We are fortunate in that our kitchen staff,
under the leadership of Mrs. Janine Crooks, really care about the standards and the
service offered to the children.

School meals are provided at a cost of £1.90 per day, £9.50 per week.

We are happy to accept cheques (Mondays only please) in payment for school meals, made payable to “Middlesbrough Borough Council”.

Dinner money should be brought on Monday mornings in the envelope provided, with details of your child’s meal arrangements for that week clearly stated in the appropriate box on the front.

A free meal is supplied to the children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support. If
you think your child may be entitled to free meals please contact the school or the  Education Offices, Second Floor, Civic Centre, Middlesbrough.

It is hoped that each child will take advantage of the excellent lunch cooked on the
premises each day but if you choose to send a packed lunch, we ask you to support our healthy eating programme. This means that no one should bring fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, etc. We also have to insist, in the interest of safety, that any drink brought to school be in an unbreakable container.


Please note that items on the menu maybe subject to change due to delivery and availability.