e-Safety is of paramount importance at Newham Bridge. All children are briefed on relevant e-Saftey issues at the start of every term and at poignant times during term.

Our school internet is filtered both locally on our devices and at the DNS level before the internet reaches the devices. This coupled with the fact that children are never allowed access to the internet without adult supervision reduces the chance of the children being exposed to inappropriate content.

We have taken steps to combat social networks in school and the issues that arise from them by creating our own school social network.

The social was created so the we all have a place to communicate with each other in a safe, monitored environment. Our social network is different to any other social network in that only the children and staff of Newham Bridge are members and new members can only be added by the ICT Manager. This means that everyone on the network are who they say they are.

Unfortunately, we can’t create our own safe version of everything that the internet has to offer and can’t control what children are exposed to whilst using the internet outside of school.

The DfE have advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying.

The website has some great advice for parents/carers to help keep your children safe online.

KidSmart is a great site to visit with your child. It has great resources and information about staying safe online.

Childnet International are a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children and have great resources for children, parents and carers and teachers.

National Online Safety specialise in Online Safety Training for Schools equipping school staff, parents and pupils with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers. They have produces an array of materials and guides to help us better understand the platforms available – click here to view some of them