Parents considering sending their children to Newham Bridge Primary School may telephone the school office to make an appointment to meet the Headteacher.

Admissions to Nursery

We have a 52 place Nursery for children aged 3 to 4 years.  Please call into our school office to complete an application form.  We require the child’s birth certificate and proof of address e.g. recent utility bill.  Your child will then be placed on the waiting list.  Successful applicants will be contacted via telephone in the Summer Term.

Admissions to nursery classes, giving priority in accordance with the following guidelines:-

  • Children aged 4+ who live in the admission zone for the school
  • Children aged 4+ who live outside the admission zone but who have a brother or sister attending the school at the time the nursery child will be admitted.
  • Children aged 3+ who live within the admission zone for the school.
  • Children aged 3+ who live outside the admission zone but who have an elder brother or sister attending the school at the time the nursery child is to be admitted.
  • Other children aged 4+
  • Other children aged 3+

(Priority will go to the oldest children within each of the above categories)

Admissions to Reception Class

Children start full-time primary school in the academic year in which they turn five years of age. The first class they will attend is called the reception class. The following years’ classes are called Year 1 through to Year 6.

Parents will be invited by the Local Authority (Middlesbrough Council) to submit their preferences for the Primary School they would like their child to attend.

Your child will NOT be automatically allocated a school place you will have to apply for a place.

Parents are invited to submit a preference for a place in a primary school reception class in the November of the academic year in which the child turns four.

If your child currently attends our school Nursery, we will forward your child’s details to the Local Authority to enable them to send out your application pack.  Please note that a place in our school Nursery does not guarantee a place in our School, also you must apply for a reception place even if your child already attends the schools Nursery.

If your child is not attending a school nursery, you need to contact the Admissions Team to supply them with your child’s details in November so an application pack can be issued.

Admission to Years 1-6

If you have moved address and wish to apply for a school place near to your home address, please contact the Admissions Team.

From time to time there may be other reasons for a parent wishing to transfer their child’s school. In the first instance, parents should consult with the Head Teacher of the child’s present school with a view to resolving any problems. If, after speaking to the Head Teacher, it is still the parents’ preference for a change of school, the parent should contact the Wellbeing, Care and Learning Department on 01642 201834 or 201831 for advice regarding the submission of a written request for a change of school.

Where a transfer involves admission to a community school, the Local Authority will consider the request on its merits. Priority for admission when considering such requests will be given to pupils who meet the admissions criteria of the school concerned. The criteria are set out in the Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough booklet.

School Admissions Guide for Parents 2019 – 2020

School Admissions Guide for Parents 2020 – 2021

Contact Details

School Admissions
Middlesbrough Council
PO Box 55
Civic Centre

Admissions and Appeals Enquiries: Telephone – 01642 201890 / 201889 / 201856

Helen Oliver
Senior Admissions Officer
School Admissions
Telephone 01642 201889

Christopher Rumsey
Admissions Officer – Transitions
School Admissions
Telephone 01642 201890

Emma Wilson
Admissions Assistant
School Admissions
Telephone 01642 201856