Year 3’s Creating a Spark!

Year 3 have been using the Adobe Spark Video app to create a video all about the history of Cadbury – from 1824, when John Cadbury opened his shop to sell his cocoa and drinking chocolates until 1905 with the release of the Dairy Milk bar.

The children recorded their voices retelling the story and then added: text, images and/or icons to illustrate. The children then explored and applied different layouts to their slides and customised the look and feel of their video using the predefined themes. To help enhance the video further, the children added an appropriate sound track.

KS1 Coding with Code-a-pillar

This morning, the children in 1HH have been using the Code-a-pillar app on the iPads. Applying their computational thinking skills they had to solved problems by creating algorithms of directions to get Code-a-pillar from his start position along the path to the star. In some cases, the children encountered a problem within their algorithms and therefore needed to debug to find it and correct it.