Our alien tea party

Our topic last term was ‘We are explorers’. At the start of tis term we are still  ‘exploring’ space, because the children have been so enthusiastic.  After reading ‘Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee’ by Tony Mitton &Guy Parker-Rees, we decided to have our own alien tea party. The children in Reception wrote to the children in the Afternoon Nursery and invited them to our tea party. We were delighted when the Nursery accepted. We then started preparing for our party. The children wrote lists of the food that they wanted – we couldn’t manage burgers, chips and pizza, but we did make biscuits and alien jelly. The children were particularly interested in the changes that happened to the jelly. The day of the party arrived and we put on our alien hats and went to have some fun in the sun, we played some games and then sat down to our alien tea. Have a look how much fun we had!


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