Colour magic! 1ZHi investigating colours

For Science week, 1ZHi have been investigating colour, the same as 1DJ.  We did some  investigations about colour, linking with our topic and science work (Brazil and Animals and plants).  Firstly, we  listened to a story called ‘How the parrot got his coloured feathers’ and looked closely at the colours seen on a Mawcaw parrot. We discussed why parrots and other animals in the Amazon forest are so colourful and have strange markings, this is because they are warning off predators or hiding away from them.

Photo 106

We then looked at the three primary colours on the parrot; red, yellow and blue, but we wanted to investigate how we could make the other colours; orange, green and purple (secondary colours).  Some  of us investigated further colours, the tertiary colours.Print

We  planned what we were going to do and what we needed, made some predictions, then we investigated and mixed the colours.  After the investigation we discussed our results and ways of improving the investigation.

Photo 123 Photo 125Photo 119Photo 110 Photo 121 

We also did another experiment, working with food colouring and paper towels, watching the food colouring being absorbed and predicting what colours would appear in the middle pots.Photo 111Photo 131

Linking with the Animals and plants, we had recently been looking at the different parts of a plant and what a plant needs to help it grow.  We put some white flowers into pots of food colouring and for two days watched the petals change colour. This helped us understand the importance of the roots and stem of a plant.

Photo 113

Photo 132

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