1DJ Investigating Colours!

We have had a brilliant day linking our topic, art and science work together.  We were trying to find the different combinations of colours so that we could paint all the different feathers on the Parrot.

The Parrot (Macaw) is one of the most colourful animals in the Amazon Rainforest.  We were able to discuss reasons why it may be so colourful and what uses that may have in its habitat.  We compared the parrot to birds in our local environment and all agree that they are much cooler than pigeons!


Colour is really important to other animals in the Amazon.  It can be a warning for predators and a great way of hiding (camouflaging) in the trees and bushes.


Our investigation:

We started by planning what we were going to do to try and make all the colours from just Red, Blue and Yellow.

We then made predictions about how to mix the primary colours in order to make secondary colours.  Some of us even had to try and make tertiary colours too!

We then checked our results to see if we had mixed them correctly.  We thought about what we would do differently next time if we were to be successful and then completed the investigation by using our own colour mixes to paint a parrot!

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