A bagful of books!

The children in 1DJ had a fantastic afternoon last Friday, telling all their friends about some of their favourite books.  As part of the previous week’s homework the children were asked to bring in a ‘storybag’.

The storybags had to have a few items in them linked to one of our favourite books or stories.  Some bags contained clothes, costumes, toys, lists, games, models, pictures and instructions.

Our friends from Year 1 and Reception came over to have a look at our bags  and ask us questions about them.  We had a brilliant time!

Well done to everyone and thank you all for your efforts!

4 thoughts on “A bagful of books!

  1. Mr Heward

    This looks like fun! Telling other people about books that you really like can be so much fun. Even more fun when you’ve both read the book and you can talk about the best bits together.

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